Freelance Writing: Some Tips

Freelance writing is hard. At least it’s hard for me. If you are a someone for whom it’s easy, please share your secrets!

I’ve been doing an experiment this month. Every day in October, I’m pitching a story to a targeted publication. I’m three weeks into this stunt, and I’ve already learned a lot. (Also, I’m exhausted.)

If you want to read about what I’ve learned, come visit and read my article over at The Writing Cooperative.

Here’s the short version:

  • Read a lot.
  • Write a lot.
  • Get used to rejection. Like, get really, really comfortable with it. Take it out on a date. Write it some letters. Frame its photo for your desk.

There’s more, of course. And not all of it is about rejection. Sometimes you get accepted, and I have a better sense now–after my pitching experiment–about what kind of pitches get noticed.

If you’ve ever wanted to freelance for magazines or other publications, my best advice is to learn how to pitch and then do it A LOT.