10 thoughts on “On Writing

  1. Katie

    I cannot believe I forgot my favorites! The War That Saved My Life and its sequel The War I Finally Won (which I loved even more than the first, which I did not think was possible).


  2. anitaboeira

    The nightingale was not an easy read (I think you’ve read this one as well), but it was the first WWII book I read set entirely in France. All the light we cannot see is also okay, but not sure if it would get you in the correct mood, the characters didn’t feel real.

    And, as an appreciator of women stories from World War II, I CANNOT WAIT for your book to come out! Favorite era for historical reading for me. I loved code name verity because of that too. They are all so difficult to read, though.


    1. Totally agree. I never did read Nightingale because somebody told me not to. Maybe you? I thought All the Light We Cannot See was just okay. I liked Code Name Verity, though. Katie recommend that one to me.


      1. anitaboeira

        I think you recommended Code Name Verity to me, or it might have been Katie. But it was one of you. I think I told you off nightingale because it is SO sad. But it’s 100% set in France, and women leading the resistance, so it’s fun that way. Reminded me of the potato peel society story, but with a lot more gore and
        sadness and making me depressed.


      2. Maybe it was you who warned me. I think Katie suggested Code Name Verity to me and you. Katie’s suggestions are always spot-on. Maybe I should try Nightingale.


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