Reading While Sick

I’ve been sick for what seems to be the last decade, but a calendar suggests it’s only been about eight days. Nevertheless, illness has been cramping my style. For a while, I was too miserable to even read, which is a new low for me.

(You know how when you go to the doctor and she asks you to rate your pain based on a set of faces ranging from happy to grumpy? The lowest one should just be a book with an x through it. That’s my low.)

Anyway, I’m kind of back, and I started reading again last night. I’m re-reading an old favorite for a directed studies group I’m leading. After all these years, I still adore Catcher in the Rye.

What about you: Love it or hate it?

4 thoughts on “Reading While Sick

  1. Hate it! I’ve read it three times in my life: when I was a teenager, then in college after my ex said it was his favorite book ever, and then again after my favorite teacher told me I should give it another chance. THREE times I’ve read it and didn’t just get it or love it. Actually, I think I get it. But I don’t love it. It didn’t change my life, it didn’t move me, and it didn’t open my mind to things I never thought of before. I was a depressed and lonely teenager too, and dealing with issues of social anxiety, peer pressure, and suicide, but I still could never relate to Holden.

    (you asked!)


    1. Oh, I get it. I really think it might be a book that you have to read at a certain point in your life. Maybe I was young enough when I first read it that I didn’t know any better! You aren’t alone in your hate. I was surprised, however, that two of my students loved it and I fully expected them to hate it. So go figure.


  2. Lynn K Kilpatrick

    Love it! The voice is so strong. I think it doesn’t resonate with adults like it does with teens, which is a great time to read it. But I still appreciate it!


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