After Dinner Conversation: A Fascinating Publication

Survival Kit: After Dinner Conversation Short Story Series by [Seifert, Christine]

After Dinner Conversation publishes short stories about ethical or philosophical questions. It’s been fun to dive into fictional worlds that explore questions about what it means to be human. If you like short fiction, you should definitely check them out. They include discussion questions along with each story.

My story, “Survival Kit,” just hit #1 on Amazon downloads. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it or any of the other stories. Better yet, write your own and share it!


2 thoughts on “After Dinner Conversation: A Fascinating Publication

  1. I just read the kindle sample and REALLY liked your writing style. But I have to tell you that there is a typo – near the end of the sample, the word “it” is in a sentence where it should not be. Did you have an editor? If so, don’t use them next time! Story seems interesting though!

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  2. Really cool opening. I’m betting Andy is the only person under fifty who reads an actual newspaper in paper form. Haha. I haven’t read one in years but I remember all the newspapers on sticks in the library. Thanks for sharing!

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