Book of the Month Club: June 2018

I know an actual book of the month club exists. I belong to one with only one member: Me.

Once a month–always on the first Saturday of the month–my dear husband looks at my TBR list and selects a book for me. It comes in the mail a few days later, and I get excited every. single.time.

I love being surprised with book mail. I mean, yeah, I pick the contenders, but someone else picks the book. It’s the best of both worlds: I get a surprise, but I don’t have to risk getting a book I’ve already read or one that I’m not really interested in reading.

My personal Book of the Month Club has been running for the last three or four years. My husband has never missed a month, and he’s quite thoughtful about what he picks. If I’m going on vacation, he’ll try to pick something lighter (in terms of content and actual weight.) If I’m on break from school, he’ll pick something heavier and longer.

He’s basically the best husband in the world who knows that all I really want out of life is surprise book mail every now and then.

Here’s June’s book of the month:

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