Digital Distractions Will Keep You from Writing

If you want to publish in magazines and/or with mainstream publishers, you have to do one thing first: write

But finding time and energy to write is really hard when there are just so many easy and accessible distractions.

Exhibit A: I sat down to write this post and proceeded to first do the following things:

  • Scrolled through news headlines on my phone;
  • Chatted with my excellent friend Anita on Slack;
  • Checked my email;
  • Responded to a text from my excellent friend Danielle;
  • Saw that a story about a unicorn puppy was trending on Google and immediately clicked on it;
  • Checked out an ebook from the library; and
  • Slacked my husband (who is literally across the hall) a Parks and Rec gif…for no reason.

So how long has it taken me to write this post? I honestly don’t know because I keep interrupting myself.

My digital distractions are out of control. So I did some research on just how bad those digital distractions are on writing output. It’s pretty bad, you guys.

I have some tips for managing digital distractions in an article here. A lot of getting published is just putting in the time. You have to write to write!

How do you manage digital distractions and actually get writing done? Taking all advice!

5 thoughts on “Digital Distractions Will Keep You from Writing

  1. Digital distractions – the bane of our time! Before now, I didn’t have a succinct name like that for it (where have I been?), or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention 😊 However, once we name something, it’s easier to identify and act on.

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  2. King Kennedy

    Honestly, I trained myself to think of it only as a distraction to what I am doing. I want to live life, not watch it pass by. Which of the two is more likely to happen if you’re on your phone 24/7? Yes, it is simple as that. But, even if you know the right answer in theory, getting of your phone is hard. I guess it takes time to understand that scrolling and liking won’t make you happy in the long run.
    Thank you for another great post. ❤

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