What Did Victorian Men Fear Most? Their Wives

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I’m sort of obsessed with the Victorian obsession with women poisoning their husbands. (My spouse is a little concerned about how much time I’ve spent writing about it.)

So far, I’ve tracked down 20 high-profile trials in the United States alone between about 1845 and the 1912. Some of these women were probably guilty, but many of these trials are downright farcical.

The poison panic stretched across the globe, though. There are historical cases in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, France, and Germany.

Here’s an article I wrote for History of Yesterday about five women that I think were probably innocent. What do you think?

Article link: https://medium.com/history-of-yesterday/5-victorian-women-who-were-probably-falsely-accused-of-poisoning-their-husbands-89fe1299d1c2.

3 thoughts on “What Did Victorian Men Fear Most? Their Wives

  1. Very humorous introduction to your article, I clicked over it and really enjoyed reading it. I feel sorry for the women, especially the second one , the results were different so clearly not accurate. She should never had been accused. It was a great read. Thank you for sharing!


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